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Welcome. Course policies are explained in the course syllabus (see left bar). In addition to C++/C and Java assignments, you will program with TCP/IP sockets and Java as well as Posix threads. All links for homeworks and labs will be activated at an appropriate time.

Regarding submission of assignments:
  • All assignments must be typed. Turn in a hard copy in class and an electronic copy in an appropriate directory on the W drive.
  • Include a lab cover page.
  • Attach a signed copy of the Honor Code to every hardcopy submission.

Exam Dates

All exams are closed book. You are allowed a one-page (8.5x11) cheat sheet. Please bring a calculator to the exam.
  • Midterm Exam - 31-Oct-2019.
  • Final Exam - 18-Dec-2019, (Wednesday: 0800 - 0950 hrs).
  • You can verify the final exam date here.
  • Sample Exam

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