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Welcome to the Computer Architecture course. Course policies are explained in the course syllabus (look left). Return to this page periodically for updates. All links for homeworks and labs will be activated at an appropriate time.

Regarding submission of assignments:

  • All assignments must be typed. Turn in a hard copy in class and an electronic copy in an appropriate directory on the W drive.
  • Attach a signed copy of the Honor Code to every hardcopy submission.

Useful Online Material

Recommended Textbooks

Exam Dates

All exams are closed book. You are allowed a one-page (8.5x11) cheat sheet. Please bring a calculator to the exam.
  • Midterm - 24-Oct-2019.
  • Final Exam - 18-Dec-2019 (1000 - 1150 hrs.)
You can verify the final exam date at the UWEC's Final Exam schedule site.