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Jack Tan, Ph.D.
Phillips Hall 135
Department of Computer Science
University of Wisconsin
Eau Claire, WI 54702
Email: tanjs@uwec.edu
Students should check this page often for updates and announcements regarding all courses in the semester. If you need to see me outside of my office hours, just drop by anytime.

Courses for this Semester


Undergraduate research has many benefits. Students engaged in research are more marketable both in graduate school and in industry.

My research interests include data mining, security, language learning, and operating systems. Current and recent research projects that usually involve more than one student per project include Braid Theory encryption, data mining for academic advising, software-assisted reasoning, the NSF MOBILE Project (six students), and the Aristotle Project (four students) to name a few. For more information on these projects and my research research interests, click on the Research link in the side bar.

One of the highlights of doing research in the CS department is the Email security patent that was awarded in August 2010 (See article in our local paper).

Here is another article about the our students winning an international coding competition beating the best teams in the nation (Cornell, UMass, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, etc.).


I am also the department's Internship Coordinator. Click on the internship link on the left if you have any questions about internships. Procedures for signing up for CS 498 (3 cr. Internship course), resume tips, local, state, and federal opportunities, etc., can be found there.


  1. Women in STEM.
  2. Nationwide CS Scholarship Opportunities.
  3. Useful tools for Computer Science.
  4. Careers in Computer Science.

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