Peter James Bui

Hello, my name is Peter Bui and I am an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. I primarily teach computer architecture, distributed systems, and scientific computing, but I am also interested in systems programming, operating systems, parallel computing, cloud computing, programming languages, compilers, and web services. I currently direct the Distributed and Parallel Computing Lab, which is collaborative group of faculty and students that work on fun and interesting distributed and parallel computing research projects.


IEEE Cluster Paper

Aug. 01, 2013

I was notified late last week that my paper, "Using Clusters in Undergraduate Research: Distributed Animation Rendering, Photo Processing, and Image Transcoding", was accepted to the IEEE Cluster 2013 conference! This is a big deal for me for a ...

XSEDE 2013

Jul. 31, 2013

Last week, I ventured down to San Diego for XSEDE 2013. I wasn't presenting anything, so I was mostly there to network and soak in some knowledge. Here are some of the highlights: One of my students, Travis Boettcher, was also at XSEDE due to his ...


Jun. 25, 2013

I biked to work today for the first time since mid-fall (winter was from late October to early May). It felt good to be out in the open air and to cruise down the UWEC hill. I am not, however, looking forward to going back up the hill, so I figured ...


131 Phillips Hall
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702
715 836 4165
pnutzh4x0r on Freenode


Recent Publications

Recent Presentations

  • Social Gaming with Chromecast
  • A Web Portal For An Animation Render Farm
  • Dark Nebula: Using the Cloud to Build a RESTful Web Service
  • Integrating MAVLink with LABView: An Arduino-based Autonomous Robotics Platform